Avec Photo - Helping your organisation survive the tough times

A few weeks ago I was on a photographic assignment at a CO3 event and was chatting afterwards with the CEO of a high profile third sector organisation. We were discussing the cut backs in public funding and the fact that many organisations in the sector need to urgently find alternative, or at...

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Cloud Computing

IT in an age of austerity

While it’s not been that long since computers were still viewed as ‘luxuries’ and IT budgets were among the first casualties of belt-tightening measures, computer systems are now at the core of most organisations, an inextricable foundation of all business communications, operational processes and...

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The next computer revolution

Over the last three decades we have become so used to the rapid pace of technological change that we are apt to miss changes that are truly revolutionary. Or maybe it’s that we hear the words ‘game changer’ or ‘paradigm shift’ bandied about so much that we have become a tad blasé about the real...

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