Website Development

Joomla upgrade discount

If you are still running the older version of Joomla (version 1.0.x), your CMS has reached its end of life and you are missing out on newer features like social networking integration and enhanced security. We want to make it as easy as possible to upgrade your website to the lastest version of...

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Summer website discount

Looking to upgrade your website with the latest Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress content management system? Time for a website design refresh? If you've been thinking about a revamped website, now's the time as we're taking advantage of the quieter summer months to offer a 25% discount on all projects...

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New opportunities for the third sector in the 'social web'

One of the most popular IT buzzwords in the last year or so is the so-called ‘web 2.0’ or ‘social web’. It seems like everybody is talking about it, even if most aren’t sure quite what it is! While it has all the hallmarks of a fad, web 2.0 is actually a game-changing phenomenon, the beginning of a...

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