Free trials of mail gateway and online backup services

Avec is offering for a limited time free 30-day trials of its popular mail gateway and online backup services.

Mail Gateway

If you run your own mail server (such as Microsoft Exchange), using a mail gateway to filter inbound emails and 'smarthost' outbound emails has become absolutely essential.

Organisations without a robust mail gateway service will not only struggle with volumes of spam emails, but also face problems sending mail as more and more mail servers permanently 'black list' and block mail sent directly from broadband connections.

Our mail gateway service will make your email more reliable and secure.

Online Backup

Are you certain that all your valuable organisation data is fully backed up to a secure offsite location? How could your organisation cope with server failure or another threat such as theft or fire?

The best way to ensure that your data is protected is to subscribe to our online backup service. This continually encrypts and backs up your files to a secure data centre, and makes it very easy to restore data in case of deletion or loss.

For more information on these services or to take up our free 30-day trial offer, please contact us.