Gateway Protection for Onsite Mail Servers

Protect your organisation from unwanted email threats with weapons-grade anti-virus and anti-spam filtering before it hits your network.

Our Gateway Email Protection service is the ideal ‘perimeter’ defence for your Microsoft Exchange Server, or similar email server environment:

  • Anti-Spam Protection: Each email subjected to hundreds of tests to establish validity. We detect emails from open relays, ‘zombies’ and by language used.
  • Anti-Virus Protection: Fast and powerful protection from viruses with the ability to scan for worms, attachments and inside compressed files.
  • Outbound SMTP: Smarthosting and virus scanning for outbound email. You never have to worry about accidentally infecting a customer, supplier, or friend.
  • Blacklists and Whitelists: Override our spam detection engine and block or allow emails from certain addresses, or whole domains.
  • No Lost Emails: In the event of server or connectivity problems we’ll queue your email and recommence delivery within 5 mins of your server returning to normal operation. You can even review your queued email online.

This service was developed in response to a rising problem in business: the time being taken by end-users to remove spam every day and the time and money spent on implementing solutions to combat spam and viruses. It provides a comprehensive suite of security features, all configurable via a simple web-based interface.

Remove your email headaches today and contact us for a quotation.