Management Consultancy

In an environment increasingly focused on results and performance delivery, effective management becomes ever more critical for not-for-profit organisations.

Whether ensuring accountability for public funding, delivering on charitable objectives or achieving profitability on social economy activity, good management is the key to success.

With many years of success delivering effective management through the East Belfast Partnership group of companies, as well as a wide range of other community, voluntary and statutory agencies, Avec is well placed to provide management support to those seeking to make a real difference in their communities.

We can provide management consultancy and support, tailored to meet your needs, including:

  • Organisational strategic planning
  • Development of full business plans
  • Strategic IT, internet and web planning
  • Team building
  • Corporate governance training and support
  • Performance management systems
  • Group facilitation
  • Performance evaluation

Whether you want to undertake a full organisational strategic review, or simply put together a plan for a single project, Avec can help you achieve your objectives.

Our approach is to work with you as an organisation or team, building your capacity through the process, and while our support is built on sound management principles we try to avoid often confusing management speak, focusing rather on ensuring that you are clear about what you are doing and effective in making it happen.

For more information on Avec's management consultancy and project management services, please contact us.