Spanning Backup for Google Apps

Spanning - Authorised ResellerGoogle Apps gives your organisation unmatched agility and accessibility in the cloud, but you may be surprised to know that Google does not help you recover lost data due to human error and threats like hackers, sync malfunctions, disgruntled employees, and more.

That’s where Spanning Backup for Google Apps comes in. Now you don’t need to worry about data loss stopping your organisation in its tracks. With an easy-to-use backup and recovery solution, you can get data back, exactly the way it was, in just a few clicks.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps automatically backs up your sites, calendar, email, contacts, and drive data to a private and secure sector of the cloud. It protects copies of all your information, so if the original copy is compromised, you can rely on easy-to-use software to rapidly restore your data.

Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the top-rated backup and recovery solution on the Google Marketplace.

Here’s why:

  • It’s intuitive. Spanning Backup is so easy to use that end-users can restore their own data without calling on IT.
  • It’s powerful. Extensive functionality makes Spanning Backup the most fine-tuned solution on the market, giving you maximum control of your data.
  • It’s secure. With industry-leading security credentials.
  • It’s affordable. Starting at £21 per user per year, Spanning Backup pays for itself every time you restore a file.
  • It’s unlimited. You’ll never have to worry about monitoring your limits and purchasing more storage, as rates and coverage are stable no matter how much data your organisation generates.


The following prices are in addition to any Google Apps subscription fees per user:

Not-for-profit organisations: £21/user per year
Commercial organisations: £28/user per year

Charities using Google Apps for Nonprofits (which does not include user support) can bundle Spanning Backup with unlimited phone and email user support for just £30/user per year.

For more information or a free trial, please contact us.